the multiplayer snake

About the game

Jutuppl is not the simple Snake you already know from the Nokia 5110! Jutuppl brings you more action, more tactic and more fun! It is an only multiplayer snake!
But if you are a old school snake gamer, don't be scared! One part of Jutuppl is also to enlarge your snake by eating some food ;)

Three levels!

The game is divided into three levels! The first level is similar to to the old snake, where the two players enlarge their snake separated by a wall. However there are three kind of food and they affect each other! Find out by yourself!
The second level is where you fight your opponent face to face! The middle wall disappears and the area is open! Let's get ready for rumble!
The last level is the one where history will be written! The speed increases and not enough the area scales down every 5 seconds! trololololol!


Play the game against your Friends. On the same Notebook or even over network!
Get on the top of the highscore-list and show your friends who's the man! The highscroe-list will be published on our website!