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Playground Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Playground (Controller *c)
void keyAction (int id)
void syncSnakesArea ()
void stepSnakes ()
void start ()
void stop ()
void pause ()
void quit ()
void reset ()
void end ()
void setLvl (int lvl)
void shrinkArea (int distance)
void setResetting ()
void doneResetting ()
void enableItems ()
void disableItems ()
void setItems ()
void setItemLimit (int i)
void turnSnake (char snake, DIRECTION dir)
char getPos (int height, int width)
char requestSnake ()
void releaseSnake (char c)
void setSpeed (int speed)
int getSpeed ()
int getSnake ()
int getLvl ()
int getActiveSnakes ()
bool hasQuit ()
bool isRunning ()
std::string getAreaString ()
int getLives (int i)
Area getArea ()
void setScore ()
void setWinnerLengths ()
int getWinnerLvl1Length ()
int getWinnerLength ()
char getWinner ()

Public Attributes

int winnerLvl1Length
int winnerLength
std::unordered_map< char, Snakesnakes

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